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I'll be honest. I thought this was song about a girl (However) after reading your profile i was clearly wrong and on that note. I say this.

If there was artist like you on the radio. Gospel music could really have the potiential to be this good.

Fantastic work again.

eyesontheking responds:

I agree with you bro, that Gospel(or Christian) music shouldn't be characterized by bad quality music. I'm glad you like it. :)

I don't really have much to complain about..maybe you could have added the instruments sooner and added more things but this is a kick ass song. Great Job you got my V

Holy hell this song is amazing. I should been listening to the portal let alone you along time ago. I'm def going to use this song down the road.

NM-Productions responds:

Thank you! It's one of my best loops, imo.

I like this song. Man it's got a real jazzy feel to it. nice calm and kick back. nice work

This is a really good change of pace compared to the Same Trance music the industry is forcing down our throats these days. Especially on the radio. I was losing some faith in Trance however, this is some really great music. I'll be listening for ya. You earned yourself a new fan. Great job and i'm looking to hear more.

eyesontheking responds:

Awesome, dude! Glad you enjoyed its uniqueness. I'll probably eventually be putting new stuff up here.

This song screams cute. This would be perfect for anything i'm def gonna use this down the road.

LewToons responds:

Thanks! I'd love to see it used in a game or somethin'

I still love this song to this day. It's a great 8 bit track and sounds like megaman.

I love this song. Short but very suspenseful

Also @Goombill
You're right it is the Go! Sample from Launch base Zone Bravo.

That was funny. haven't laughed like that in a while

Listening to this under a new screenname. I enjoy this remix just the same great job man.

PaulyBFromDa303 responds:

That's tight! Thanks

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