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Loved your first one. Your second one is no diffrent. This was great and i got all of them right away. The Bow Sir was funny as hell so was the wily one. Great job guys. I hope you guys get front page you deserve it

TerminalMontage responds:

Thank you!

I'm Sorry but i just don't get the jist of any of this. Just because this was drawn doesn't make it a instant good movie..

It clearly took A LOT OF EDITING. I Could see a lot of custom sprites in this movie...more than i've ever seen before. For the record. This is a good movie and To give it more of a praise. It's no where near SMBZ...(I'm so sick of everyone dick riding that flash movie) . This was oringinal although twisted in a sense and i honestly didn't get the main story really..except for the dog just trying to get some piece and quiet.....maybe....

Anyways This was a fantastic movie (Sprited wise) and i seriously commend your work for it. Although the senseless violence...(Oh wait this is Newgrounds Never mind) Great job overall.

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Another Great Game from you.

I have your Koopa's revenge on my favorites and now Megatankman is going into it as well. This is a whole lot of fun and it felt very megaman ish especially with the music. Good job and I can't wait to see more of your work

Simple Amazing

I never knew that newgrounds could still have some users who produce awsome and epic games. Tower of Heaven is one of the best Flash games i've played on this site. The music is simply amazing to listen to. it adds a sense of adventure of sorts. The Gameplay was a bit tough but nothing impossible most Mario players could probabily finish this easily (I had 85 deaths but still). This is surely going on my favorties list. I Thank you for this really great and fun game

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I'll be honest. I thought this was song about a girl (However) after reading your profile i was clearly wrong and on that note. I say this.

If there was artist like you on the radio. Gospel music could really have the potiential to be this good.

Fantastic work again.

eyesontheking responds:

I agree with you bro, that Gospel(or Christian) music shouldn't be characterized by bad quality music. I'm glad you like it. :)

I don't really have much to complain about..maybe you could have added the instruments sooner and added more things but this is a kick ass song. Great Job you got my V

Holy hell this song is amazing. I should been listening to the portal let alone you along time ago. I'm def going to use this song down the road.

NM-Productions responds:

Thank you! It's one of my best loops, imo.

I'm a Sprite Animator and Proud of it. I enjoy sprites and i wouldn't animate any other way. if you have issues with sprite movies then please don't watch it

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