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Loved your first one. Your second one is no diffrent. This was great and i got all of them right away. The Bow Sir was funny as hell so was the wily one. Great job guys. I hope you guys get front page you deserve it

TerminalMontage responds:

Thank you!

I'm Sorry but i just don't get the jist of any of this. Just because this was drawn doesn't make it a instant good movie..

It clearly took A LOT OF EDITING. I Could see a lot of custom sprites in this movie...more than i've ever seen before. For the record. This is a good movie and To give it more of a praise. It's no where near SMBZ...(I'm so sick of everyone dick riding that flash movie) . This was oringinal although twisted in a sense and i honestly didn't get the main story really..except for the dog just trying to get some piece and quiet.....maybe....

Anyways This was a fantastic movie (Sprited wise) and i seriously commend your work for it. Although the senseless violence...(Oh wait this is Newgrounds Never mind) Great job overall.

Thanks for letting me join in this Snowybangers. If you ever have a Sprite craving again. Hit me up next time..don't let me find the collab by accident lol

SnowyBangers responds:

your welcome :) if i ever have another sprite craving in the future. no worries i'll word it up with you :)

for now.

I haven't seen something old school and retro like this on newgrounds in years. I loved Lode Runner with a burning passion although i did play the Gameboy version. I still understood everything about this game. As far as the comedy goes. Pure genius especially with such a odd game. I even enjoyed all the work you put on for the sprites. (This is not a insult) The Animation they way they moved was almost like a Super Nintendo game...ya know one of those really HD ones. The Comedy was spot on and a lot of funny things i never though was possible for this old gem. I'm glad i'm not the only one who truly loved this game. even if it wasn't a Sale Blockbuster back in the 80s/90s. Thank you for creating such a great gem this is going to my favorites and i really hope this make front page god knows this movie deserves it.

Pienkaito responds:

I hadn't had the slightest idea in how to play the game back then. I had Lode Runner for my GBA in one of those chinese 100-in-1 games and thought: "Wow, there are Bombermen in this!"

Anyway, I want to thank you for taking your time writing that review and thank you for watching.

I Appreciate. This with a lot of Various Artist putting in there own take to some of the original comic put a interesting twist. Although some of them was a bit bland others was great like the last one referring to Futurama. So good job on this,unique but worth watching

This was amazing. I got every pun right away. and in your defense Pacman was on a nintendo Console. No Harm no Foul. Great job hope you guys do more.

TerminalMontage responds:

Thank you friend! I will be doing more c:

Pretty funny. Although the language wasn't needed but w/e it's cool good job.

I don't see to many Sonic Colors jokes. So this was nice. I enjoyed it great job dude

It's nice to see some actual logically fighting from a sprite movie for once. all the DBZ flashyness was getting on my nerves. Great job dude.

SquirrelKidd responds:

Thanks man, glad you noticed. That was what I was aiming to avoid :)

I'm a Sprite Animator and Proud of it. I enjoy sprites and i wouldn't animate any other way. if you have issues with sprite movies then please don't watch it

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